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Michael Burke – Circuit of Success

Michael Burke

On this episode of the Circuit of Success, Brett Gilliland welcomes speaker and author of Waiting to Die, Running to live, Michael Burke.

Brett and Michael sit down to talk about his fight with Cystic Fibrosis, and his strategies for turning obstacles into opportunity.

Bio courtesy of LinkedIn:

My Mission: Inspiring people to tap into the power of their inner-game so they can transform uncommon challenges into uncommon results.

Why Business: It’s simple……People! One rule of survival is we can only live 3 minutes without air. That’s a pretty good analogy for our business life. Our people breathe life into our systems, processes, ideas, goals and techniques so they are the key to success. The key to people is their Inner-game of beliefs, thoughts and emotions because these are drivers for everything they say, do, and don’t do.

What I Do: The fusion of inspiration and implementation that helps people develop the most powerful tool in their business life. This mighty tool is our Inner-game of beliefs, thoughts and emotions. I encourage people to Live Bold! and Work Bold! through my book, Waiting to Die, Running to Live, as a keynote speaker and coach.

Inner-Game Take-Aways For Your Audience:

Courage to embrace challenges and do things others won’t

Creative problem solving by fostering bold thinking

Resilience to remain productive during and after setbacks

Long-term motivation and self-motivation

Positive thinking to discover hidden outcomes and options

Receptivity to leadership thru an engaged mindset

How I Know About Our Inner-Game:

From my diagnosis with the #1 genetic killer of children I have surpassed a parade of life expectancies and expected limitations. My body requires 13,000 pills and 500 hours of therapy EVERY YEAR just to function. Whether it is staying engaged in the medical routine, creating opportunity amidst adversity, pushing boundaries by running marathons, developing strong relationships or adapting to on-going challenges I learned about the incredible power of what we believe, think and feel.

Wanting to have more than a “good story” I set about creating a process so others can achieve uncommon results with more focus, more creativity, more energy and LESS DRAMA!


Please welcome Michael Burke to this episode of The Circuit of Success!

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