“The front row is a mindset, it’s how we do something, it’s when we choose to be fully engaged and participating.”

Jon Vroman – Circuit of Success

Jon Vroman

On this episode of the Circuit of Success, Brett Gilliland welcomes speaker and co-founder of The Front Row Foundation, Jon Vroman.

Brett and Jon sit down to discuss what the front row experience is all about and how to start living your life from the front row.

Bio Courtesy of Linkedin:

More at FrontRowFactor.com, but here’s the quick stuff…

I help entrepreneurs, sales professionals, leaders, and others to come alive, find purpose and fully engage in their life’s calling. I’m the head usher for those that want to be in the front row of their lives so they can solve important challenges and elevate humanity.

I make money as a speaker, coach, seminar leader (SpeakerTrainerExperience.com) and host of the Front Row Factor podcast (Check it out on iTunes). I donate my time helping Front Row Foundation raise funds and create life-changing experiences.

A few personal things…

I’ve been voted Campus Speaker of the Year in both 2012 & 2013 by the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities.

I co-founded The Front Row Foundation in 2005.

I’ve run 3 ultra-marathons, maybe because I’m a little nuts, but mostly to raise money for charity.

In 2008, I married the love of my life Tatyana — who’s the worlds greatest mom to our two amazing boys, and two cute pups.

I believe in the power of relationships. Community shapes reality, so I put people first. I believe the most important question we can ask is, “Who’s in our Front Row?” When I die, I want to be known as someone who cared for others. Although I haven’t always treated people well, and I still make mistakes, I am constantly striving to improve myself. I am committed to being a great friend, leader, mentor, husband and father.

I love to travel and I’m addicted to learning. I believe life is an adventure, and that our greatest ally in it is perspective.

I want to help people fully alive. Howard Thurman said it best, “Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs is people who’ve come alive.”

Please welcome Jon Vroman to this episode of The Circuit of Success!


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