Join Brett Gilliland and Ryan Alford as they talk about how he started out working as a marketing executive and ended up establishing his own marketing company and podcast. While juggling his time between being a father to four boys and a CEO, Ryan makes sure he gets everything done by having a flexible schedule. In this episode, Ryan explains the importance of shifting to digital marketing and how small companies can get on the same page with the giants.

Effective Marketing for Everyone

The shift from analog to digital marketing created a platform for small businesses to compete with the big ones; the only question is how. Having a lot of experience as a marketing executive working with big brands, Ryan started his own company, Radical, to provide comprehensive marketing services to their clients and give them the edge. He points out how social media has changed the rules of the game in terms of marketing. Now, everyone can put their business out there without spending millions in marketing, instead of television and radio marketing which are the common platforms back in the day. Ryan’s company uses this advantage for their clients and helps their businesses thrive with big names.

Everyone can use social media like Facebook and Instagram as a marketing tool, but Ryan says that running a business also requires consistency. Having regular posts on these platforms helps build a personal brand, creates credibility for the company, and shows the client’s expertise in the field. It also keeps the audience reach growing because the goal is to be out there and be seen, and Ryan’s company works with their client to ensure that this goal is achieved.

Marketing Through Podcasting

Ryan has been a podcaster for ten years, and his own podcast, The Radcast, started alongside his company. With his podcast’s help, Ryan promoted Radical by having conversations with companies they want to collaborate with. It also became his strategy to create his network of connections – he invited people on The Radcast who could introduce him to prospective clients. He shares that if he cannot make his podcast guests his clients, he can still learn from their conversation, making him up to date with new concepts, businesses, and industries, and more equipped when meeting potential clients. Building Radical’s brand through The Radcast has been successful for Ryan as he says that one out of three clients who hired them for marketing services heard the podcast or were referred by someone listening to the podcast.

Ryan hit two birds with one stone because he built Radical’s and The Radcast’s brand simultaneously. While he promotes Radical, his podcast also gained more listeners, making it the fastest-growing marketing podcast in the country, which only took him almost three years. Now, he shares his success with his listeners through his content, guiding them to building their own brands.

About Ryan Alford:

Ryan Alford is a marketing executive with 20 years of experience who has worked with and guided brands like Verizon, Lexus, Samsung, Toyota, NFL, Firehouse Subs, and more.

He is the CEO and founder of Radical, a boutique full-service digital marketing agency in Greenville, South Carolina, built for skill, speed to market, and unmatched capability. Radical provides digital marketing, e-commerce development, Magento development, and other services related to marketing.

Ryan is also the host of The Radcast, a marketing and business podcast that features unique marketing perspectives and strategies from industry pioneers and entrepreneurs. His podcast gives practical advice and actionable guidance while also keeping subscribers updated with the latest news in marketing and e-commerce. Ryan has a passion for discovering and having conversations with brilliant minds that create radical results for their brands. The Radcast highlights the stories that drove their marketing and advertising success and then shares those stories with listeners.

Outline of the Episode:

[00:39] Ryan shares what he does on his podcast, The Radcast, and stresses the importance of execution to his work.

[02:29] Ryan gives his life background, from his hometown and family to his education and work experience, including some brands he collaborated with.

[05:26] Helping out small to medium companies with marketing is the main focus of Ryan’s company, Radical.

[07:11] Running a business takes a lot of time and consistency.

[08:51] Ryan explains how leveraging social media channels, especially LinkedIn, can be advantageous in building a personal brand for small B2B industries.

[13:31] Brett and Ryan talk about the healthy habits they do, and Ryan probes into how he needs to prioritize himself first.

[15:45] Having a flexible time is essential so that Ryan doesn’t have tight rigors.

[17:04] Ryan talks about how he and his wife brought together their children.

[17:56] Ryan shares his company’s goals and how he focuses and strategizes with the practices and principles he established and put in place.

[20:56] A success mindset is critical; don’t dwell on the negative side of things.

[25:37] Ryan narrates how The Radcast was influential in building a brand for his company and his clients.

[29:52] Having a conversation in a podcast, whether as a host or a guest, is also education in itself.



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