Join Brett Gilliland and Nelson Tressler as they chat about how making choices can affect one’s life and keep motivation running. Nelson was once a victim of circumstances that kept his morale down, but because of his family’s support, he started to believe in himself and achieved what he thought he couldn’t. In this episode, Nelson relates the experience that eventually brought him to the doors of success.

A Matter of Belief

Nelson became the first person in their family to get a college degree, thanks to his grandmother’s faith in achieving such a feat. Her support made him believe in himself too, and things got better from that point in his life. Having someone see his potential kept Nelson’s motivation up. After college, he got into commercial real estate, became the number one salesperson worldwide several times for a top commercial real estate firm, and even found himself among the United States Air Force ranks. It was all thanks to Nelson’s and his grandmother’s belief that got him to where he is, despite the trials he faced during his childhood.

Tragedy was upon Nelson the moment he was born. He was conceived because of a police officer who sexually assaulted his mother, 15 at that time.  His grandfather took revenge and got himself a life sentence in prison. Things even got worse when Nelson’s mother had an abusive alcoholic husband. He had four siblings, and as the eldest, Nelson skipped school to help his mother take care of them.  With the accidental death of his stepfather and the failed suicide attempt of his mother, Nelson’s family split up, and he moved into his grandmother’s house. Things went differently there because he felt sheltered for the first time in his life. Fast forward to the present, and Nelson looks into the bright side and shares in his book “The Unlucky Sperm Club” how all these experiences made a significant impact on his success.

Motivation in an App

The life experiences that eventually brought him success led Nelson to establish IGOTSMARTER. This app focuses on goal achievement and aims to help people keep motivated in order to succeed. It is programmed to work on an individual’s goals using strategies that can increase the likelihood of achieving those goals. Some features in the app include daily morning and evening rituals, self-assessment exercises, and a task management alert system. The IGOTSMARTER app also teaches people to be accountable for themselves, stressing that their choices keep them a step closer to their success. Nelson’s objective with the app is simple: to change the world one person and one inspiring goal at a time.

About Nelson Tressler:

Nelson Tressler is the founder and CEO of IGOTSMARTER, a goal achievement program and app created to help people succeed in every aspect of life. Despite his unbelievably difficult beginnings, Nelson rose to become a top commercial real estate agent and investor, completing well over $1 billion in transactions. As a serial entrepreneur, he has successfully founded over ten businesses, including one of the largest privately help pet resort chains in the nation. Nelson’s first big goal was when he became the first person in his extended family to earn a college degree, receiving a BSBA in Finance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is a US Air Force Veteran. His current company IGOTSMARTER utilizes an app and goal program that increases goal achievement by 95%. The program is built on 15 philosophies Nelson has learned from his “murder to millions” personal journey. Currently living in Las Vegas, Nelson has been married for over 25 years and has three sons.

Outline of the Episode:

[01:32] The backstory of Nelson that inspired him to write his book.

[05:22] Moving in with his grandmother was the turning point for Nelson’s life.

[08:04] How his grandmother’s belief in him pushed Nelson to reach his dreams.

[11:37] Seeing your potential makes you achieve great things.

[13:32] Nelson breaks down to Brett how his app IGOTSMARTER works.

[17:14] Time is the most precious resource.

[19:32] Nelson shares the struggle he faced in his early married life.

[22:00] Nelson gives Brett some tips on how to continue doing when things get complicated.

[23:51] The huge risk Nelson took – investing in some children’s daycare centers.

[27:57] You choose to be where you are today.

[29:46] The features of the app which was based on Nelson’s life experiences.



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