Jason Eric Ross a Licensed Psychotherapist (FL/NY/GA) and an actor, writer, and musician. He takes his work and creative passions seriously – life is meant to be lived.

Jason understands adversity, hard work, and challenges. He helps clients better their lives: parenting, trauma, wellness, relationships, substance abuse, and chronic mental health, and intervention. “I firmly believe clients have to talk about their deepest issues to get UNSTUCK. My job is to create a safe and nurturing environment for them to do so.”

As a musician, he has performed for over 25k people. As an actor, he has been seen by over 200k and more to come. He has also appeared professionally on numerous TV shows and served as the script supervisor on “The Mind of a Murderer” season 2 on Discovery ID.

He co-authored a parenting book with his mother, Norma, called “You Can Say NO and Your Child Will Still Love You”.

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