Don Saladino has been one of the most sought after coaches in the world for over 2 decades, with a client roster that has made him known as the “superhero coach” among professional athletes and well known business moguls. Don has owned his club Drive for over 15 years, has launched multiple digital platforms, and is a founding partner in half a dozen brands. Don blends the expertise of coaching and business and has mentored thousands of individuals and businesses. Don currently runs Muscle and Fitness REPS podcast, with the editor and chief Zack Ziegler as well as D&D Fitness Radio with podcast partner Derek Hansen. He is on the Men’s Health Advisory Board and is currently the Executive Vice President of the Don Monti Memorial Research Cancer Foundation. He is on the Saint Patricks Church Pastoral Committee and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory business advisory board. Don lives on Long Island, NY with his wife Melissa and has two children Amelia and Don, as well as two Bolonka pups, Sambuca and Rigatoni.

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