“We’ve all been given various talents and abilities, and to see those maximized, I think, is success”

-Reid Priddy

On this episode of the Circuit of Success, Brett Gilliland welcomes four time US Olympic volleyball player Reid Priddy .

Brett and Reid sit down to talk about his journey through his career as a professional volleyball player and his tips for reaching your maximum potential.


Bio Courtesy of reidpriddy.com:

Over the past 16 years, Reid has competed at the highest level in indoor volleyball all over the world. Reid played both on the US National Team as well as on foreign Pro teams in domestic leagues all across the globe. In 2014, Reid suffered a torn ACL during competition which required double knee surgery. In his late thirties, he defied the odds and worked his way all the way back to the top and helped the US Olympic Team win a Bronze Medal. Having competed in 4 Olympic Games on the hard court, he is looking to defy the odds once more by switching surfaces with one goal in mind…GOLD. Reid is working towards representing the US in one more Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo on the sand. GO USA!

Please welcome Reid Priddy to this episode of The Circuit of Success!


For more information and to download Reid’s book for free visit reidpriddy.com


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