It’s not about being perfect, it’s just about being better.

-Kristen Brogan

On this episode of the Circuit of Success, Brett Gilliland welcomes Kristen Brogan, Professional Speaker and Chief Nutrition Officer of On Target Living.

Brett and Kristen sit down to talk about her philosophies on health, happiness and balance.


Bio courtesy of Linkedin:

Professional Speaker, Registered Dietitian, Superfoods Chef, Author, Certified Personal Trainer and RYT Yoga Instructor. Chief Nutrition Officer at On Target Living, a health and performance focused on helping organizations and individuals improve performance through a healthy lifestyles approach. My personal approach is focused around mindful eating, mindful moving and mindful living which ultimately leads to increased performance, decreased sick days, lost work time, and revitalized company culture. I especially love teaching people how to live healthy without making sacrifices.

With my retail dietetics background, I also work with many retailers, vendors, and distributors to source the best products on the market through our e-commerce Essentials Shop while forming partnerships with local grocers to help them build stronger and healthier relationships with their shoppers.

Please welcome Kristen Brogan to this episode of The Circuit of Success!

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