Join Brett Gilliland with Jonathan Pritchard as they talk about the psychology of reading minds.
Jonathan is a mentalist, author, speaker, and trainer focusing on Applied Psychology. In this
episode, he goes into the details of performing on stage and using his skills as a mentalist to do

Slowly but Surely
Jonathan did not want to become successful quickly because of the fear that he would not
know how to manage it. It would be a crash and burn situation. So instead, he was the type
who would learn the process first before going on his own. Jonathan compares this to learning
how to ride a bicycle the first time – he does not try to go downhill the next day. To learn how
to become a mentalist, Jonathan worked as a tour manager for a full-time performer. Through
the experience, he had a mentor to teach him and see firsthand how it is carried out. From that,
Jonathan followed the “recipe,” as he calls it, and started performing in the college market. His
slow and steady pace eventually reaped results and brought him around the world. Jonathan’s
outlook on taking time to learn things before doing them is what he believes to be the recipe
for his success.

Trust and Integrity
Integrity is often a fuzzy, cloudy, nebulous idea for most people, but Jonathan says otherwise.
In fact, it is actually simple and straightforward. Jonathan explains that for someone to have
integrity, their thoughts, words, and actions must be aligned. These three pieces must have a
common end goal because people are good at detecting the lack of integrity. For example,

when one says, “I love you,” but thinks of, “I hate you,” there is no integrity. Once a person has
perfectly aligned their thoughts, words, and actions, that is the time that people can trust them.
Jonathan says that when a person trusts another, they are more likely to give truthful inputs,
which produces a better outcome in any situation.

About Jonathan Pritchard:
Jonathan Pritchard is an entertainer, entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, author, life coach,
health nut, and life-long learner. He considers himself incredibly fortunate for the experiences
he had and the life he has lived so far.

For the past decade, Jonathan had traveled the world performing as a mentalist. He predicts
behaviors, reads body language, influences decisions, and (appears to) read minds. These
abilities come from a lifetime’s study of human psychology and truly understanding why people
do what they do. Now, instead of merely entertaining audiences, Jonathan wants to give people
the very same tools he used in his life to create massive positive change. They are effective and
based on human psychology’s fundamental principles, applicable regardless of environment or

Outline of the Episode:[00:51] The psychology of mind-reading applied in business[03:32] How Jonathan made himself known as an entertainer[07:31] Belief in gravity and in what works

[09:14] The mindset to get ready for an engagement, as told by Jonathan[12:31] More interesting problems as a way to self-improvement[13:11] “A mentalist is an expert at telling you the wrong story.”[15:50] Advice on having a clear plan to get out of the rut[18:50] How Jonathan continues to learn from his craft[20:04] What Jonathan does outside of work to clear his mind[21:55] Demonstration of Jonathan’s actual routine and the explanation behind