Join Brett Gilliland with Jillian Tedesco as they talk about mindset, business, and more. Jillian is the founder and CEO of fit-flavors, a healthy meal preparation business. Her passion for nutrition and helping her clients was the motivation behind her success. In this episode, Jillian puts food in the spotlight as an essential part of improving health, losing weight, and gaining muscles.

A Passion-Driven Purpose

Jillian fell in love with nutrition and cooking that she researched to establish her understanding. As a gym trainer, she was so passionate about making her clients understand the importance of food, but that took a toll on her relationship and mental health. Jillian was lost for some time and felt like she had no purpose. Suffering from a panic attack, it was at that time that Jillian had a pivotal moment: she found God in her life. Her faith made her find her passion again, which led to pursuing a culinary degree and putting up a business. Jillian decided to cook for her clients because she wanted them to eat better. What started as a small meal-prepping service for a few clients expanded into what the business is today. Looking back, Jillian believes her success was because she was passion-driven, not money-driven. Her philosophy is that money comes after doing a lot of work for something you are passionate about.

You Are What You Eat

Working out at the gym is commonly viewed as a start to a healthy lifestyle. Yet, what is not known to everyone is how food must be paired with exercise. Jillian says that working out helps burn calories and build muscles, and with proper nutrition, losing body fat and weight is much faster. She adds that even if one misses a workout, it will not affect progress since food sustains it. The rationale behind fit-flavors is to provide people with nutritionally sound and balanced food options that do not feel like a diet at all. The products at fit-flavors also do not compromise taste and are easy to consume as they only need to be reheated. Jillian says consuming the right portions of food is the way to be healthy, which is not the case in most restaurants. Therefore, a balanced meal makes a lot of difference.

About Jillian Tedesco:

Jillian Tedesco is a Christian, mom, wife, certified chef, Founder & CEO of fit-flavors, becoming an author, yogi, and golfer with a vibrant personality. Jillian’s passion for God, her family, and her business shines through to even the most distant stranger. She has a transformational story rooted in her finding God and pursuing His will rather than her own. She is known by her community for openly nurturing some tough love, especially when it comes to nutrition, faith, doing the work, and owning the wait in life. In the past year, Jillian has opened up about the raw truths in her own journey and is in the process of publishing her first book in 2021 called Owning the Wait. She’s also started a Tough Love from Jillian newsletter & blog and is getting ready to launch Season 1 of her new podcast called Owning the Wait. More than anything, Jillian wants her community to understand the importance of integrating faith and the right mindset into all facets of life.

Outline of the Episode:

[02:33] The pursuit of a purpose founded on passion

[08:03] How Jillian dealt and got over with anxiety and panic attacks

[14:46] Why passion must be the focus instead of money

[17:11] Allow creativity to flow: the road that paved the way to write a book

[22:04] The nutrition situation under Jillian’s roof

[24:56] fit-flavors’ philosophy to a balanced and healthy meal

[31:04] What app Jillian does not want to be deleted from her phone






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