Join Brett Gilliland with Brian Kight as they talk about his work as an entrepreneur that helps people. Brian is also a keynote speaker and an adviser for sports teams and companies. In this episode, he goes into how he got into the line of work that teaches leadership, team culture, individual behavior skills, personal skills, and performance.

Why Systems Matter

For Brian, average teams use quotes, good teams have plans, and elite teams implement systems. He says that a quote is an illusion of wisdom as memorizing one without understanding and experience does not do anything at all. Unfortunately, the wealth advisory industry, a complex environment that deals with emotions, is susceptible to many leadership quotes. Brian is not a fan of quotes as it does not move the needle and makes little difference. Meanwhile, when it comes to plans, those are at times too rigid, too sequential, or too dependent on the external world. Brian believes that plans are good, but they are fragile. There is one thing everyone knows that the external world is not going to do: it is all of the things everyone expects. What is greatly needed is a system in place that can be overlayed on anything. By having a well-implemented system, plans get better, and quotes make great billboards. A system fits into a wide array of scenarios, styles, personalities, industries, and circumstances.

Formula for Everything

A system, according to Brian, has two criteria: simplicity and goodness. Complexity kills execution, which means if it is not simple, you will not do it. Brian gives one example of a system that is the fundamental building block to everything expressed as an equation. Event plus response is equal to outcome (E+R=O). He explains that we do not have control over outcomes. What we can do, though, to make them be in our favor is to control how we respond to what happens. By profoundly understanding this system means one can apply it to anything encountered along the way. We do not have power over what results in an event, but how we react to it will significantly impact it.

About Brian Kight:

Brian Kight doesn’t know your goals, but he knows how you can get there faster—discipline. Discipline is the shortcut, and he’s sharing this shortcut every day with his 32,000+ Daily Discipline subscribers. Daily Discipline is a free daily email with a central mission to help people build the discipline they need to accomplish what they want as fast and reliably as possible.

Brian has worked with some of the most notable businesses and sports teams in implementing his simple systems for training leaders, building culture, and creating winning behavior. Whether it’s delivering world-class keynotes or advising an organization’s leaders, Brian is making a difference for those ready to do the work.

Brian’s competitive mindset grew from the influence of playing football to becoming an entrepreneur. He sits on the board of the Charlotte, NC chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), where he advises other entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to compete and win.

Outline of the Episode:

[01:09] A recall of the experiences that influenced the present

[04:18] Differences of average teams, good teams, and elite teams

[09:02] Event plus response equates to an outcome

[16:29] Childhood lessons carried throughout adulthood

[23:43] Clarity precedes mastery

[31:50] The cost of blaming, complaining, and defensiveness

[34:25] How to not be the type of person who blames and complains

[46:48] Solving problems through daily discipline emails

[49:48] What app does Brian not want to be deleted on his phone?








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