Jen Satterly owned an advertising and film/photography studio in St. Louis, creating award-winning work for over 10 years. Jen has a passion for service and worked with several non-profits including Pujols Family Foundation where she spent time in the Dominican Republic on a medical relief mission where she serves as the documentarian. After years in advertising in the commercial sector Jen helped to form an elite Special Operations military contracting company as CMO and Director of Film/Photography. Jen embedded with and filmed Navy Seals, Green Berets, and Army Rangers on large scale Realistic Military Exercises for over 3 years.

​While working with Special Operations Command Jen saw a serious need for PTS recovery and became certified as a Health Coach. Jen immediately began to donate her time and efforts to hundreds of Special Operations veterans and their spouses to regain their health and combat the effects of PTS. Jen, along with her husband Tom, founded All Secure Foundation to serve the Special Operations warriors and their families get the help they need to reduce PTS, find new purpose after service, and reintegrate with their families by providing information, resources, health guidelines, and will provide scholarships through fundraising to vetted organizations/non-profits who assist Special Operations veterans and their families.

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