“You’ve got to unblock the mindsets that are keeping success out of your way”

-Jeffrey Shaw

On this episode of the Circuit of Success, Brett Gilliland welcomes business coach, professional speaker and podcast host Jeffrey Shaw.

Brett and Jeffery sit down to talk about his journey to become a business coach, his tips for reaching your ideal clients and his philosophies for unblocking the mindsets that keep success out of your way.


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What would your business look like if:

  • You were clear on the direction of your business ● You had more clients that spent more money ● You got paid what you’re worth ● You didn’t struggle ● And you had a whole lot more fun●




❶ Photographers

❷ Coaches

❸ Marketers

❹ Designers

❺ Artists

❻ Service-Based Professionals




Having achieved an uncommon level of success over 30+ years in two of the most challenging creative professions, portrait photography and business coaching, I understand the unique approach required to be successful when you are in business marketing yourself and your talent.

I have coached countless clients grow their businesses in a multitude of service-based professions.




Creative and service-based professionals who are very talented struggle in business because IF they received any business education at all, it likely sent them down the wrong path.

When you are in business marketing yourself, your talent and you are your brand, it requires an entirely different way of being in business than traditional business. Dare I say, the complete opposite.

Where traditional business says to FOCUS and find a niche, creatives need to LEVERAGE their so-called “lack of focus” or they will never be at their best.

Where traditional businesses CREATE a brand, creatives need to DISCOVER their brand from within.

Where traditional business FINDS clients, creatives need to BE FOUND.

When creative entrepreneurs and service-based professionals GET OUT OF GETTING BY, they can be more of themselves and everyone they serve benefits.


Please welcome Jeffrey Shaw to this episode of The Circuit of Success!

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