Welcome to another episode of the Circuit of Success podcast! In this edition, we sit down with none other than Craig Berube, former NHL player and coach, for an in-depth exploration of his remarkable journey through the world of hockey. Berube’s narrative is nothing short of captivating as he shares the highs and lows of his hockey career, from his humble beginnings to his triumphant moments on the ice. Join us as we uncover invaluable insights and lessons learned from one of hockey’s most respected figures.

Highlights Include:

From Player to Coach: Delve into Berube’s journey from aspiring player to esteemed coach, fueled by unwavering determination and passion for the game.

The Power of Constructive Criticism and Mindset: Learn how Berube’s mindset and openness to feedback paved the way for personal and professional growth.

Coaching Philosophy: Gain insights into Berube’s coaching style and his strategies for building trust, fostering communication, and adapting to change.

Leading the St. Louis Blues to Victory: Experience the excitement as Berube shares his role in the historic triumph of the St. Louis Blues during the 2018-2019 season, culminating in a Stanley Cup victory.

A Passion for Hockey and a Drive for Success: Discover Berube’s enduring passion for the game and his relentless pursuit of excellence, serving as an inspiration to hockey enthusiasts everywhere.

Join us as we lace up our skates and dive into the world of hockey with Craig Berube. Don’t miss out on this episode of the Circuit of Success podcast! Subscribe now for more captivating conversations with industry trailblazers.

Check out the video interview HERE!