Coach Ballgame (James Lowe) has a unique ability to rally young players and draw them into the game at a time when most kids are glued to phones and video games. By combining the levity of props, nicknames, and catchphrases with the ideals of what baseball is really about, Coach Ballgame connects with kids to achieve his mission: make them fall in love with baseball.


Coach Ballgame partnered with Major League Baseball to help run Play Ball Camps at the College World Series in Omaha and the 2019 MLB All-Star Game in Cleveland. Coach Ballgame has been featured on the Fox Sports Pregame show for the NLCS and Good Day LA on Fox 11 News.


Coach Ballgame offers year-round baseball clinics, and winter, spring and summer baseball camps. He also runs weekly Sandlot Baseball Games where players get to play without the pressures of a formal league.

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