“Many people really value their performance, and they understand that the foundation of that performance is their health.”

-Chris Johnson

On this episode of the Circuit of Success, Brett Gilliland welcomes Chris Johnson, Founder and CEO of On Target Living and keynote speaker.

Brett and Chris sit down to talk about his experiences throughout his career, his health journey and his philosophies on health, performance and progress.


Bio courtesy of chrisjohnsonspeaker.com

Chris Johnson likes to say he was “raised by wolves.” Growing up, he struggled with terrible skin and chronic health issues. The doctors couldn’t help him, his parent’s couldn’t help him and despite all of the medications he tried, his health didn’t improve, and in fact, it started to get worse.

By his mid-20’s, deeply frustrated and feeling hopeless, Chris set out to heal himself. On his quest, he learned how food affects the body, the importance of sleep, and why people need to move daily. His discoveries transformed his life. Conditions which plagued him for years disappeared. His energy and attitude reached new heights. Amazed at how good he felt, Chris knew he’d found his calling and must go out and share his discoveries. Here, On Target Living was born.

Chris soon began teaching others how to rest, eat, and move for better health and performance. One by one, people began experiencing the power of feeling their best through his teachings. Chris began working with top performers looking to use health as their competitive advantage to grow their business.

Today, Chris works with organizations to transform their performance from the inside out. He applies the principles of rest, eat, move to educate, engage and inspire teams worldwide.

Please welcome Chris Johnson to this episode of The Circuit of Success!


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