I am a retired, multiple award-winning United States Air Force fighter pilot.  I was the 125th F-15C Instructor at the Air Force Weapons School – the Air Force “TOP GUN” Program.  I commanded the 7th Fighter Squadron “Screamin’ Demons”, one of America’s only front-line operational F-22 squadrons.  I won multiple awards for flying excellence.  I was promoted to the rank of full-Colonel.  I have multiple advanced degrees and was repeatedly recognized for academic excellence.  I also spent my entire career leading high-performance teams to success.  This is the part of me that earned the callsign “Cujo”, the warrior that flew combat missions over the skies of Iraq.

I am also a devoted husband and father of five wonderful children.  Critically, I’m a cancer survivor whose cancer story was completely avoidable.  My family and I have dealt with and learned a lot on this particular journey — one whose challenges will unfortunately continue with me for the rest of my natural life.  The good news is that I’m 100% confident that I will thrive despite these challenges, and the BEST news is that I’m sharing what I’ve learned with others.  Truly, everything I’ve experienced in life has prepared me to help other people not repeat my mistakes.  This is the part of me that recognizes my fallibility, and wants to make the most of my experiences to-date.

The part that bridges the divide between both sides of me is what I call The Debrief-Focused Approach.  This is at its core the essence of Accountable Leadership – that which I learned to teach and apply as “Cujo,” but failed to use in my personal life.  I’m now bringing this approach to the business world by way of my soon-to-be-published book Debrief to Win, as well as through my powerful keynote by the same name.  I’m also working on the self-help version of the same story and will be looking to publish Debrief to Win in Life in 2019.  The keynote version of this talk has already garnered praise.  My emphasis in all my talks is to help people from all walks of life learn how to achieve dominance in their lives, making the most out of every minute they have on Earth.  I look forward to sharing my story with your organization soon!

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