From Noah’s Blog “Trails and Trials”:

I am a runner with massive goals to accomplish. I run any distance on ay surface in any conditions. I just love running! I have no fear. My main goal is to continually improve and get the most out of myself. This is a broad goal, but I truly just want to get better and see what all I can do. Running on the trails is my favorite place to run and the longer the distance, the better. However, I enjoy every single opportunity that I am blessed with to run. My dream is to become the best runner of all time. I will never stop striving for this dream. I want to give everything that I have every single day and see where it takes me. I love training hard and I strive daily to improve my training. I hope to race in and win the biggest events all over the country and the world. I want to do what I love most everyday while making a meaningful impact on others that I meet along the way. Running has made a huge difference in my life and I want to share my journey with others. I will be regularly posting race reports, product reviews, and personal stories that are important to me. My purpose is to glorify God and pursue excellence in everything that I do. Follow along with my journey to see what I can accomplish in this life!

Not done yet! Never Give Up!

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