Director of Investor Relations, Sixty West:

Michael Williams graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in Finance and Economics. Williams started his career in sales consulting with a major manufacturing company before transitioning into operations management at a regional service provider.  At Sixty West, Williams started in asset management where he provided diligence on projects prior to development and monitored performance throughout the length of the projects. He then moved into Investor Relations before eventually becoming Director.  Williams educates clients, ranging from high-earning individuals and their advisors to Fortune 500 corporations and financial institutions, on the benefits of tax credits and other tax incentives and provides continued support through the life of the partnership.  Such incentives include Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Renewable Energy Tax Credits, Historic Rehabilitation, Historic Preservation, private land mitigation and conservation programs and Opportunity Zones.  He is also responsible for leading the Investor Relations team as they continue to see exponential growth.

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