“If you can’t believe in yourself, who will?”

-Jason Neubauer

On this episode of the Circuit of Success, Brett Gilliland welcomes Jason Neubauer, CEO and Founder of The Santa Claus Affect and a Brand Marketing and Digital Strategy Consultant.

Brett and Jason sit down to talk about his experiences throughout his career and his philosophies on belief, persistence, and entrepreneurship.


Bio courtesy of linkedin:

Jason Neubauer is one the top influencer marketing professionals in the world according to Forbes, Huff Post, Entrepreneur and others. Jason accepted the award for 2017 internet marketer of the year and best Social Media Campaign Millennial Engagement for Santa Claus Affect by the internet marketing association. Jason is currently Founder and CEO of Santa Claus Affect. The Santa Claus Affect TV trailer broke 20M+ views on Facebook within 45 days with 99.8% positive feedback. Season 1 of the television show is set to be 1B+ homes worldwide Summer 2018.

Jason has built three multimillion-dollar businesses utilizing influencers for brand development. He has personal relationships with over 250 influencers and has collaborated with over 1,000 influencers, more than 30 brands to create authentic influencer content, and has 225k+ engaged Twitter followers. Some of his top influencer campaigns include Helicopter Trampoline for Sprint with Jake Paul, Sprint’s LiveUnlimited campaign and The Santa Claus Affect. Jason is also Co-Founder of Sprint’s Millennial and GenZ division, “Candy Bar.” He started his first company with $31,695 won on Wheel of Fortune and five years later made a deal on Shark Tank for a company he founded with his best friend, Chris Stoikos.

Jason is the Co-Founder of Challenged, YouBetMe, Coolbox (as seen on Shark Tank) and 123Wish. Jason serves as an advisor to Dollar Beard Club and 15 other companies. He is a member of the Young Entrepreneurial Council, a board member of the non-profit Deedly, and a mentor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the seventh best entrepreneurship program in the country and an industry thought leader for IVY. Jason’s mission is to Affect change around the world by shifting the way people view giving with the motto, “your legacy is defined by how many people’s lives you’ve touched.”

Please welcome Jason Neubauer to this episode of The Circuit of Success!

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