Brett Gilliland sits down with William A. Wallace, a former Special Operations Army Veteran and the President and Executive Director of the Missouri Veterans Endeavor (MOVE). With a passion for helping veterans readjust and overcome PTSD, Wallace shares his insights and experiences in supporting homeless veterans. Join us as we delve into the importance of mental health support, the impact of war, and the unique programs offered by MOVE.

Wallace’s journey began with an internship at the Culver City Vet Center, where he gained valuable experience in counseling and readjustment. His dedication to helping veterans led him to work at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Center and U.S. VETS – Long Beach. Eventually, he opened the Missouri Veterans Endeavor (MOVE) in St. Louis, providing tailored services to homeless veterans. As a Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialization in Veteran-specific issues, Wallace emphasizes the significance of mental health support for veterans. He shares his expertise in helping veterans overcome PTSD and readjust to civilian life. Through MOVE, Wallace ensures that veterans have access to pro bono therapy, making a significant impact on their well-being.

Drawing from his personal experience as a Special Operations Army Veteran, Wallace sheds light on the profound impact of war on veterans. He shares his deployment experiences in Panama and as a UN and NATO Peacekeeper in Bosnia, highlighting the need for decompression and support upon returning home. MOVE stands out for its comprehensive approach to supporting homeless veterans. Wallace and his team provide housing, therapy, and community programs tailored to the individual needs of each veteran. Through private funding and community donations, MOVE ensures that veterans receive the support they need to reintegrate successfully into society.

What sets Wallace apart is not only his professional background but also his unique experiences as an actor in films like Delta Force and Beverly Hills Cop. This diverse background allows him to relate to veterans on multiple levels, fostering understanding and empathy in his work.

William A. Wallace’s dedication to supporting homeless veterans is truly inspiring. Through his role as the President and Executive Director of MOVE, he is making a significant impact on the lives of veterans in Missouri. By providing tailored programs, mental health support, and a sense of community, MOVE is helping veterans reintegrate successfully into society.

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