Join Brett Gilliland with Dr. Ryan Diederich as they talk about his journey to becoming a physician. Dr. Ryan is a plastic surgeon and the owner of the MidAmerica Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. In this episode, he shares the experiences that eventually brought him to where he is now.

The Irony

At eight years old, Dr. Ryan said he did not want to become a doctor. He thought of such a career as weird, and he does not see himself becoming one. Dr. Ryan worked for a marina when he was 12 years old, and he felt accomplished by it because he learned many things. Dr. Ryan had a glimpse of how to run a business, dealing with customer service, and with problems too. He was also writing banking software to keep track of insurance records and loans at 15. College was the turning point for Dr. Ryan. Although he was not a biology person, he researched it and eventually was convinced to take the medical path. He realized that that direction was actually a great one. While it was ironic that he had become what he did not want back then, Dr. Ryan still thinks he was taking the right path.

Passion, Direction, and Goals

It was a scary step for Dr. Ryan to leave a successful business and begin one of his own. There were doubts about whether he could do it, what the outcome would be, and other similar things. Yet, Dr. Ryan was also reminded by people around him that he would never go anywhere if he did not take a step. Taking a wrong step is better than not taking any step at all. One of the pivotal moments Dr. Ryan was scared of was when they started the construction of their new facility. People around the community thought he was crazy, but something in Dr. Ryan says that if he builds the dream, it will come. Indeed, it did, as they celebrated their 10th anniversary. Dr. Ryan believes that one does not just have to sit where they are. Passion, direction, and goals are the drivers to success.

About Dr. Ryan Diederich:
Dr. Ryan Diederich earned his medical degree from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and then completed an intense six-year residency in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Springfield, Illinois. This training covered all areas of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.

In addition to being certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Diederich is active in several professional associations. He’s a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Association for Hand Surgery, the Illinois State Medical Society and holds two committee positions for The Aesthetic Society. He is also the Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Anderson Hospital.

Outline of the Episode:[00:52] Experiences that contributed to Dr. Ryan’s success today[08:35] What was it like for Dr. Ryan to invest in himself early in life[13:25] The game plan to take action[15:52] Changes on how Dr. Ryan defined success today versus ten years ago

[19:02] How to slow down in this crazy world and enjoy the journey[20:04] Passions Dr. Ryan wished he had more time for[21:13] Plans and dreams that are written on paper[24:08] “Chasing your best self”[28:04] Failure as the biggest fear and the decision that it is not anymore[30:42] Lessons from bad times as opposed to the good times[33:45] Dr. Ryan’s book recommendations and his advice to his younger self