After 12 years in the financial services industry I was ready for a new challenge and I opened a branch office for a Fortune 150 company in downtown Miami.

Teaching what I had learned from hundreds of books, tapes, seminars, and coaching programs, I taught the advisors that I recruited the same success lessons and processes that I followed, created, and had taught my clients.

The impact of these teachings were so powerful that by the end of the third year we had become a top 5 office in new advisor production and retention out of over 300 offices nationally.

I absolutely loved coaching advisors and my clients to stretch themselves and perform at their highest levels in the most important areas of their life, not just professionally.​

Because real success isn’t just financial or professional success, it’s also having amazing relationships, enjoying peak health, having spiritual and emotional abundance, and making a difference in the world. Ignoring any of these areas for too long is a great way to wake up one day and look in the mirror wondering… Is this all there is?

My true passion is helping people create more impact and success in their lives. I love studying and learning as much as I can about human potential.​

But the longer I was in my corporate leadership role, the more I was being called to a different path. So after 25 years in the financial services industry I knew it was time to make a transition into what I was truly passionate about. So now I spend all my professional time and energy studying, learning, and helping people have more impact, meaning, and magic in their life.​

Today I spend 6-8 weeks yearly in retreats, courses, seminars, and workshops studying and learning how to build myself and others. From the usual self help gurus to ashrams in India, monasteries in Bhutan, and shamans from Peru, I learn from some of the greatest teachers around the world. I then share my practices, lessons, and experiences with audiences, clients, and friends.

I am incredibly blessed, honored, and humbled by the opportunity to have an impact in people’s lives.

I’ve helped people get healthy, defeat addictions, repair relationships, increase their income, live happier and more fulfilled lives, lower stress, let go of fear and limiting beliefs, create epic visions for their lives, get better organized, recruit better teams, increase productivity, more consistently do what matters most when it most matters, and more… the work I am privileged to do is amazing and I’ve never been happier, more fulfilled, more grateful, or had more meaning in my life.

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