Both in life and in business, a people-first approach is crucial for sustainable, long-term success. That’s why Brian left the corporate business-to-business IT Training world in 2002 to build a word of mouth, referral driven mortgage practice. Since then, Brian and The McRae Mortgage Team have helped thousands of families get the mortgage and financing strategy they deserve.

Brian’s people-first, relationship-driven approach extends beyond the mortgage world as well. While working toward a more compassionate mortgage industry, he discovered the untapped and far-reaching potential of the referral-centered business, a discovery which would inspire his much acclaimed “Radically Referable” business concept.

If Brian isn’t helping people with a mortgage, he’s likely helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses to new heights. Optimizing referral systems is one of the most effective and affordable ways to grow a business, but doing so first requires expertise in building sustainable relationships — something Brian has extensive experience in doing. Whether he is creating a personalized mortgage strategy or teaching mastermind groups about referral strategies, Brian’s mission remains the same: he wants to help others win at home and work.

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