Brian Estes is the Founder, CEO and CIO of Off the Chain Capital, a crypto fund focused on finding value
opportunities across the industry.  Brian has been a VC in blockchain for over 8 years and has advised,
mentored and/or financed 6 blockchain companies that have a combined value of over $100B today.  In
addition to running blockchain asset funds, he teaches blockchain and digital asset investing classes at
University of Cambridge, Washington University, Columbia University, Tulane University, and Morgan
State University’s Center of Blockchain and Financial Technology.  Brian earned his BA in Economics from
the University of Illinois, his MBA from Washington University in St. Louis with high honors and did his
study abroad at University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics.  Brian and his wife, Kelly,
live in Orlando and they have two young adults in college at Pepperdine University and the University of
Central Florida.


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